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Kitty String Strings

Kitty String Strings

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Kitty String is a popular brand of yo-yo string used by professional and amateur yo-yo players around the world. The strings are made of 100% polyester, which makes them durable and wear-resistant. They also come in a variety of thicknesses, making them suitable for different styles of yo-yo play.

All Kitty Strings have a pre-tied finger loop and are between 120 and 125cm. Our yo-yo manual explains how to adjust a yo-yo string to your ideal height.

What does the thickness of the yo-yo rope mean?
The thickness of a yo-yo string can affect how easily a yo-yo and the string fly through the air. The thicker the more the yo-yo flies/sways/whipped. But a thinner string 'binds' more easily.

If the distance between the two yo-yo halves is small, a thick string will not always fit well. Because the string then runs faster against the response pad. Many modern yo-yos therefore have more space because many yo-yos prefer thicker rope. When the space is not enough, the so-called 'snagging' can happen. And that means that the yo-yo unexpectedly binds (comes back) while you are not doing anything wrong.

Thicker rope can hurt the fingers less, because thinner rope can cut your finger a little more. Another disadvantage or advantage of thicker rope is that tricks are easier to succeed, so that less technique is needed to land a yo-yo trick.

So it differs per situation/player what is 'better'. With this given, we can only say that the thickness of a yo-yo string is a personal preference.

What sizes of Kitty String are there?

  • Normal - 11 thread polyester fabric
  • Fat - 12 thread polyester fabric
  • XL - 13 thread polyester fabric

Which Kitty String size should I take?
If you're not sure, we recommend starting with Normal.


Brand: kitty thong



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