Jojo tricks

On this page you will find instruction videos of yo-yo tricks. We start with the first beginner tricks. The tricks increase in difficulty. When you know these tricks you can move on to the more advanced tricks.

Beginner yo-yo tricks (1A)

The first tricks to learn within yo-yoing. These tricks require a responsive yo-yo . After you have mastered these tricks you are ready to impress your surroundings!

Also check out this article (including video) on yo-yoing for beginners . After this manual you can do the first 4 tricks below and you can continue with number 5.

1. Getting the yo-yo ready to go

2. The 'Sleeper' yo-yo trick

3. Walking the dog aka 'Walk the Dog' yo-yo trick

4. The 'Rock the baby' yo-yo trick

5. The 'Bikini' yo-yo trick

6. The 'Elevator' yo-yo trick

7. The 'Around the Corner' yo-yo trick

8. The 'UFO' yo-yo trick

9. The 'Sky Rocket' yo-yo trick

Advanced yo-yo tricks (1A)

These tricks are already a lot more difficult. These yo-yo tricks require an unresponsive yo-yo . To be able to use this type of yo-yo properly, it is important that you have mastered the first trick, the bind.

1. The binding trick for unresponsive yo-yos

2. The 'Brain Twister' trick

3. The 'Trapeze' trick

4. The 'Double or Nothing' trick

5. The 'Atomic Bomb' yo-yo trick

6. The 'Finger Grind' yo-yo trick

7. The 'Plastic Whip' yo-yo trick

8. The 'Gyro Flop' yo-yo trick

9. The 'Eli Hops' yo-yo trick

10. The 'Slack Trapeze' yo-yo trick

11. The 'Cold Fusion' yo-yo trick

Loop tricks (2A)

Looping is a special yo-yo style of play. Where the other playing styles the yo-yo comes back to the hand, with the looping playing style the intention is that the yo-yo always keeps moving. When the yo-yo goes towards the hand, it is sent away again, so that there are continuous loops. A looping yo-yo is required for these yo-yo tricks.

1. The 'Gravity Pull' looping trick

2. The 'Forward Pass' looping trick

3. The 'Around the World' looping trick

4. The 'Over the Falls' looping trick

5. The 'Inside Loop' looping trick

6. The 'Outside Loop' looping trick

7. The 'Hop the Fence' looping trick

8. The 'Planet Hop' looping trick

9. The 'Stall' looping trick

10. The 'Inside Loop 10x' looping trick

11. Looping tricks with two hands