Jojo Community Netherlands and Belgium

Are you looking for the yo-yo community of the Netherlands & Belgium? Search no longer! You can find us on discord .

Welcome to our Dutch yoyo server on Discord!

We are excited to welcome you to our cozy and supportive community of yo-yo enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner looking for their first yo-yo, or an experienced player looking to improve their tricks, you'll feel right at home here! Kindness, inclusion and support are central to us. We want everyone to feel welcome, regardless of their skill level or background. We encourage a family-friendly environment, where respect and understanding are paramount!

What you can do here!

You can do many things in this server. If you need help finding your first yo-yo, we're here to advise and get you started. If you get stuck on certain tricks, you can also get help and advice from fellow yojoers here. In addition, you can get in touch with other yoyoers in the Netherlands and stay informed about events and meetings throughout the country.


This server is more than just a place to talk yo-yos; it's a community where you can make new friends, share experiences and inspire each other to grow as yo-yo players. We invite you to join our server and share your passion for yo-yoing with us. Together we create a great environment where everyone can flourish. Welcome to the Dutch yo-yo community! Sincerely, Jojo server Netherlands!

Join the community via this link