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YYF Response pads

YYF Response pads

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Response Pads ensure your yo-yo plays smoothly on the string, coming back to your hand when you want it to. These specially formulated pads come in a variety of colors. Each color has different play characteristics that make it better suited for different playstyles.

These pads are "thin" (19mm diameter) and will fit most yo-yos (there are very few yo-yos that don't use 19mm pads).

White : The default YoYoFactory response pad. White pads are in almost all YoYofactory yo-yos when they are brand new as they are the best all round pads . Whether you use them in preparation for a competition, for a high intensity freestyle, or just hanging and throwing, the white pad will play to your standard. Good for all playstyles.

Red : the race path. Red response pads break in very quickly, reach an ideal sweet spot, and then wear out faster than any other pad. This combination makes them perfect for freestyle competition play, where you can break them in and walk out on stage ready in minutes!

Yellow and Pink : The consistent pads. These pads are reliable in how consistently they play as they wear out. Unlike many of the other pads that have a sweet spot once worn in, the pink and yellow pads are just as good when you first put them in the yo-yo as they are right before they wear down to the core.

Blue : The Grippy pads. These pads have a slightly longer break-in period, meaning they retain that new feel much longer than most other pads. Once played in, blue and teal pads have an average response, while still providing an overall feel of grip.

Brown : The Marathon path. The Natural pads are the pads that last the longest . Surprisingly, they also require little break-in time, no maintenance. Best used in the yo-yo you take anywhere.

Green : Responsive pads. These pads are thicker and therefore very responsive. We recommend using these pads with responsive yo-yos
  • Different pads for different purposes
  • Easy to apply
  • Fits any yo-yo that has 19mm response pads
  • 2 pieces per pack


Brand: YoYoFactory



Weight: grams

Width: mm

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Ball bearing:

Response pads:



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