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MagicYoyo N12

MagicYoyo N12

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Whenever the question of a cheap unresponsive yo-yo comes up in the Throwers community subreddit , the MagicYoYo N12 Shark Honor is invariably mentioned at least once (often more) as a highly recommended budget throw. And for a reason. It's just a great yo-yo made even better by its fantastic price.

The N12 is very similar to the Magicyoyo N11 , but there are a few differences:

  • Shape: The N11 has a butterfly shape, while the N12 has a V shape.
  • Dimensions: The N11 is slightly smaller than the N12, with a diameter of 53mm and a width of 42mm, compared to the 56mm diameter and 44mm width of the N12.
  • Material: The N12 is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is considered to be of higher quality than the 6063 aluminum alloy of the N11.
  • Finish: The N11 has a smooth finish, the N12 a sandblasted finish (rough)




Brand: MagicYoyo

Material: Aluminium

Style: 1A and 3A

Weight: 67.58 grams

Width: 44.0 mm

Diameter: 55.0 mm

(un)responsive: Unresponsive

Ball bearing: Center Trac C

Response pads: Thin Pads 19mm

Shape: V shape


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