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Dark Matter yo-yo oil (unresponsive)

Dark Matter yo-yo oil (unresponsive)

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Treat your bearing well. For smooth spins and longer bearing life on modern non-responsive yo-yos. Dark Matter(TM) is scientifically formulated and is intended for use on yo-yo bearings only.

Dark Matter uses small pieces of graphite to seal and sand away bearing imperfections. It works well enough just be careful how much you use as it can jam a bearing. It has also been used to bring some bearings back to life.

Follow these steps for maximum performance:
open your yoyo

  1. Remove your bearing
  2. Clean the bearing with, for example, rubbing alcohol in a small sealable container (something you can soak the bearing in and shake the bearing vigorously in the liquid without making a mess).
  3. Remove the bearing and let it dry on a paper towel. Try turning the bearing to confirm it is clean and spins freely and easily.
  4. Shake the bottle of Dark Matter (TM) well.
  5. Apply three small drops of Dark Matter to the side of the bearing.
  6. Slowly turn the outer ring of the bearing to draw Dark Matter (TM) into the bearing.
  7. Reassemble the yo-yo
  8. Put a new string on your yo-yo
  9. Play with your yo-yo. Please note, your yo-yo may play responsively after applying the oil, this is normal.
  10. Throw in some quick spins and maybe some "Around The World" or "Pinwheels" to help the Dark Matter(TM) in your bearing.
  11. Your bearing should now play unresponsive again. If not, then keep playing.

Dark Matter (TM) can only be used on a clean and well-functioning bearing. Dark Matter(TM) is not intended to repair a broken or defective bearing.

Keep the lid tight on your Dark Matter(R) or it will quickly escape back into the atmosphere.

Do not use more than three drops. Be sure to clean the bearing thoroughly before reapplying Dark Matter(TM).


Brand: YoYoFactory



Weight: grams

Width: mm

Diameter: mm

(un)responsive: Unresponsive

Ball bearing:

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