De verschillen tussen de magicyoyo jojo's

MagicYoyo: the different models in a row

Magicyoyo is a popular brand among yo-yo enthusiasts because of the good price-quality ratio. With a wide variety of models and styles, it can be difficult to decide which Magicyoyo yo-yo is best for you. In this video, we'll explain the differences between the many Magicyoyo yo-yos so you can make an informed choice and find the perfect yo-yo for your playing style.

We asked Alexander Noot if he would like to review our Magicyoyo range in a video. Alexander is a very experienced yo-yo player, check his tiktok here .

We divide the yo-yos into responsive and unresponsive yo-yos. Check out this article or video if you don't know the difference between responsive and unresponsive yo-yos. The most important characteristics are named for each yo-yo.

Click here to view all MagicYoyo yo-yos .

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