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How can I learn yo-yo tricks? (Spoiler: use a yo-yo app)

Do you want to get better at yo-yoing and do a 'Loop the Loop' via a 'Braintwister' to a 'Boingy Bong' just like a pro? Then you will have to practice a lot! But what's the right way to get here? We are happy to explain that to you.

How can I learn to yo-yo if I am a beginner?

If you have just mastered your first yo-yo (again), we recommend that you start with the basic yo-yo tricks on our website. It is recommended to do the tricks in order, in order to master the basic techniques.

If you prefer to get more information about how a trick works, we recommend an app to learn how to yo-yo. Read more below.

Get better at yo-yoing: use an app

After you have mastered the first tricks you have played the yo-yo and you can look for another hobby... no of course not! There are hundreds of other tricks to learn. You can find all these yo-yo tricks in one app.

Benefits of an app to learn how to yo-yo

  • Jojo tricks of all levels and playing styles
  • Clear instructional videos
  • Keep track of which tricks you've already learned

All in all, we are very satisfied with the app called: Level up! Yoyo. Found here for Android and here for Apple . The only downside to this app is that they advertise their own brand of yo-yos, which aren't necessarily the best. Feel free to read our article for the best yo-yos per category/player.

Learn yo-yo tricks without an app: use a trick ladder

trick ladder example

But how did they do that back then? Via a trick ladder. A trick ladder is really nothing more than a list of successive tricks to practice. Such a trick ladder is also incorporated in the app.

With a trick ladder you cross off every learned trick. It is possible that - unlike in the past - you will occasionally pick up your phone to see how the yo-yo tricks work.

Click here to download a printable version of a trick ladder.

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