De leukste skilltoys van 2023

What are skill toys? And the newest unique skilltoys of 2023!

When you hear the word skilltoy, you probably immediately think of games like Jenga, Sudoku, and Mikado. In the past, these were also the most sold skill games, but now there are advanced skill games where you not only have to crack your brain, but also physically. These are called Skill Toys.

What are skill toys?

The toy market has been growing rapidly since the 1980s, when toy manufacturers began to produce more and more skill-based products. Skilltoys have become very popular in recent years as they offer an alternative to screen time, which is often seen as having a negative impact on the development of children or society as a whole. Skilltoys are characterized by the fact that you are also physically involved with them. With today's skill toys you can improve your concentration and reduce your stress level. Skilltoys are popular among adults for these reasons. This group uses modern skill games to escape from everyday life and relax completely.

The most popular and well-known skill toys are:

  • Yoyo
  • Diabolo
  • juggling
  • slackline

What kind of new skill toys will exist in 2023?

In addition to all traditional skill games, in 2023 there will also be modern skill toys that you will encounter in many households. In addition to the more well-known skill toys such as yo-yos and diabolos, there are also:

Magnetic rings

The name says it all, rings with magnets in them. This allows you to do fun tricks. The magnetic rings are popular because:

  1. They are a fun and relaxing activity: The rings are designed to roll around on the fingers. This can help reduce stress and anxiety and experience a sense of relaxation.

    Fingerears magnetic rings
  2. They are easy to carry: The rings are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry in your pocket or purse. This allows you to take them with you wherever you go and use them on the go.

  3. They are versatile: The magnetic rings can be used for a variety of tricks and moves, making them suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

We offer the original Fingears magnetic rings . These have no fewer than 16 small magnets, making them super strong. Quality guaranteed!


A kendama is a Japanese toy that stimulates reflexes and hand-eye coordination

A kendama

improves. The traditional design consists of a wooden ball attached to an axle, with three cups on the end of the axle, acting as 'handles'. The goal is to balance the ball in the middle, without letting it fall or touch the ground. There are now also Kendamas, made of polycarbonate and equipped with LED lights. This gives very nice effects in the dark. By turning the kendama with light, beautiful drawings appear when you play in the dark.

Spider tip

The spinning top has a spinning top on a rope that you can use to make different

Spider tip

perform tricks. It's a fun way to learn about physics and engineering and for experienced yo-yo players a spin top is a great addition to improve skills. For example, practice your mastery of gyro flops and corkscrews ! The Spintop is also made to withstand falls and bumps, making it a good choice for novice yo-yo players and children aged 8 and up. Check out this page to see a spin tip in action!

Hacky Sack / foot bag

Do you want to rest your fingers, hands and arms? But are you also looking for

Hack sack

a way to lower stress or improve your coordination? Then go for a Hacky sack! Hacky Sack - also known as a footbag - is a game where the players try to keep the ball in the air by using their feet. The game originated in America, but is now played all over the world and in many different countries. It has become popular with many different people and groups of people, such as sports enthusiasts and even professional athletes. Hacky Sack is a good way to practice as the game requires constant movement and coordination. Hacky sacks are also used for purposes other than just playing games, such as for stress relief or for other therapeutic purposes, such as yoga. In short: a multifunctional toy that is useful for young and old. Click here to see a pro with a hacky sack .

Now that you know more about the different skilltoys in 2023. Which skilltoy suits you ?


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