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Printing yo-yos – a nod to promotion with a creative twist

Yo-yos are not just a fun toy, jojo printed with logo but they can also be used as unique promotional material for companies and organizations. By having yo-yos printed with the company logo or brand name, you can promote your brand name and message in a fun and creative way. In this article we tell you more about what you need to know about printing yo-yos, why printing a yo-yo is a smart investment and what the benefits are of printing yo-yos.

Why printing a yo-yo with your logo is a good marketing stunt

Yo-yos are fun and appealing to people of all ages. With a yo-yo as an advertisement, it is therefore possible to appeal to all kinds of target groups. By having a yo-yo printed with the company logo or brand name, you promote your company or organization in an interactive and unique way. In addition, yo-yos can be used again and again, so that the brand name remains in the spotlight.

A yo-yo is a fun and interactive toy. If you print this toy with a logo or brand name, chances are that people regularly hold the yo-yo. This not only creates a high level of involvement, but can also lead to more brand recognition and loyalty. So are you looking for a way to imprint your brand name in the memory of your target audience? Then have a yoyo printed!

What are the benefits of printing yo-yos?

Printing a yoyo has several advantages. These are the main advantages at a glance:

  • Yo-yos are relatively cheap (from 30 cents each) to produce and print, making them a cost-effective way to promote a brand or business.
  • By having yo-yos printed with the company logo or brand name, you create a unique promotional item that distinguishes itself from other promotional materials.
  • Yo-yos are lightweight, portable and interactive. This makes it easy to take them to events, fairs and other occasions.
  • Yo-yos are sturdy and last a long time, so that your brand name remains in the spotlight for a long time. The moving effect of the yo-yo also attracts the attention of people watching. The result is greater brand awareness!

How can you print a yoyo with a logo?

There are several ways in which you can have a yo-yo printed. This depends on what kind of yoyo you have or choose and what kind of printing you want. These are the 3 options you have for business printing on yo-yos:

  • Find an online printing company that prints yo-yos. There are several online printing companies that offer yo-yos, where you can upload your own design and have the yo-yo printed. Make sure you choose a printing company that has experience printing yo-yos and can deliver good quality.
  • Contact a local print shop. If you prefer personal contact and want to see how the design will look before you order, you can find a local print shop that prints yo-yos. Visit the printing company and discuss the options for the design and costs.

Tips for printing a yo-yo

  • Make sure you use a clear and sharp design
  • Have a (digital) proof made of the yo-yo to test the quality. Also check that the logo is properly aligned in the center.
  • Pay close attention to the volume discounts, the more yo-yos the cheaper the price
  • Pay close attention to the delivery times

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