De 5 officiële jojo stijlen op een rij

The 5 official yo-yo styles in a row

Jojo playing styles in a row

Yo-yo styles differ from tricks. Each style requires a different type of yo-yo. The International Yo-Yo Federation recognizes five styles: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A offstring and 5A freehand. Competitions are also held for these five styles. We tell you more about these yo-yo styles in this article.

Recognized yo-yo styles explained

1A String tricks with one yo-yo

The 1A style is also known as the Single A or A. It is a style where the player performs string tricks with an unresponsive yo-yo . The yo-yo therefore does not respond by itself and is therefore more difficult to influence. The 1A style is a style that most yo-yo players start with. This style is 'just yo-yoing' and is the easiest to get into.

2A Looping yo-yo with two yo-yos

The 2A style is also known as two-handed yo-yoing, Double A or AA. This style requires two looping yo-yos . This style is based on a connected sequence of looping tricks. At a high level, this game consists of several sequences with:

  • Loops
  • Hops
  • Moons
  • punches
  • Stalls
  • wraps
  • Tanker tricks

In addition, we often see circular movements or 'loops' in this style. The 2A style is characterized by the classic shape of yo-yos.

3A String tricks with two yo-yos

The 3A style is also known as Triple A and AAA. The difference with 1A is that two yo-yos are used at the same time in this category. This style was first popularized by Mark McBride who appeared in a newspaper with the first modern Triple A trick “Velvet Rolls”. Since then, several tricks have been devised in this style, including the Sleeper with one hand and the Trapeze with the other.

4A Offstring yo-yo tricks

example of an offstring yo-yo

The 4A style is also known as Offstring or OS. This style uses the offstring yo-yo . In this style, the string is tied around the finger, but not connected to the yo-yo. The yo-yo itself is therefore loose and is wrapped around the string by a throw. That may sound complicated, and it is! The 4A offstring style requires excellent hand-eye coordination.

5A Freehand yo-yo tricks

The 5A style is also known as Counterweight, Freehand or FH. With this style, a weight is attached to the yo-yo string. Usually this weight consists of a weighted die or a rubber ball. The weight takes over the function of your finger and the yo-yo itself is connected to the string. This style was developed by Steve Brown in 1999 as a need for weight in his style. In most cases, the weight is about 1/ 6th of the weight of the yo-yo. So if you have a yo-yo of 60 grams, the counterweight weighs 10 grams.

After the invention of the weighted yo-yo, the Free Throwing style was created by Chris Neff. This is a style similar to freehand, which you achieve with 4A. The difference, however, is that the yo-yo has a counterweight, so there is more interaction with the yo-yo.

Which yo-yo style do you prefer?

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